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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Navigation then and now: how technology has changed the way we navigate.

Having a car while in UK, where we had gone for a year's stay, in the early eighties and being able to travel and see the country was exhilarating.

So when we got some time from our work my wife and I were ready for a trip. We had a nice and comfortable car. Having planned our road trip to the last detail, we took off.

To keep our budget under control we had taken the help of our family to find known people with whom we could stay and save on hotel bills.

The addresses neatly written out we planned to reach the first place using a map in a tourist guide book.

We reached the outskirts of the town by late evening and had to stay in a hotel as we could not find the place using the basic map in the tourist book.

We realized that we needed a better map. A hard lesson as the hotel bill made an unplanned dent in our tight budget.

So en-route to the next town we looked for a good map at a book shop at a Lay Bye, a stop over by the motorway.

That is for the first time we came across a map book called A to Z. It had detailed maps with page numbers linked to other pages. So over a cup of tea we sat down and using a felt pen made a line from page to page right up-to the address we had to reach.

With this we were able to reach right till the door of the house we were looking for.

The map and street markings were so good that we did not have to ask for directions at all. It was a very satisfying feeling to have been able to do that.

From then on in all our travels we did this with great success.

We still depend on this good old technique, of paper map books, though now most of the navigation is done by our smartphone which speaks to us through its automated voice!

From silent maps we have moved to talking maps.

How technology is easing our lives.

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