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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Digital domino effect: the present day stock markets

As the sun came up from the horizon stocks crashed around the world today.

Starting with the American stock exchanges the free fall of stocks rippled through all the markets of the world.

I invest in the Indian stock markets. (see my blog post 'From paper to pixels' ).

The possibility of the falling wave reached our digital shores in advance. A sense started coming through the digital media. As if one could hear the roar of the crashing dominoes. 

Then it happened.

Earlier before the digital era only a few, who were members of the stock exchange, could sense this change in financial weather.

Now thanks to technology the investors are having a window, the screens of their computers, through which they can see this change of financial weather happening.

Even a normal investor can take knowledge based calls in such a choppy financial time.

Technology has become an enabler here, as in so many other things in life.

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