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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Window to the world: digital access as an enabler

In my previous post I mentioned that the stock market in India fell today morning.

It is the evening of 6 Jan as I write this post. As the value of my shares have taken a strong knock and have fallen I looked at news about markets in Europe. This was also not encouraging. The also have fallen.

It is late evening here in India and morning in America.

I decided to look up the Dow Jones Live on my tablet. The screen of my tablet, the window to the world, is showing that having opened lower than yesterdays closing value has now recovered somewhat.

This ability to see things live. Things which are happening on the other side of the world. I find this fascinating. And in this case a relief.

Stocks go up and down.

The experience over the last few days has made me realize, I am new to investing in stocks, that changes in stock indices in one place affect indices in other places.

On this occasion pretty drastically. Being able to see live data of far off stock exchanges, though considered obvious at this date and time, is quite fascinating for me.

Fascinating, even though I have self taught my self (see my blog post 'A way to learn') and kept abreast with emerging technology.

In the time I have taken to write this the Dow Jones has again fallen some. It is fluctuating.

Real time updates are keeping me informed.

Technology again to the help here.

I keep my fingers crossed. Hope that the Dow Jones recovers.

If it does then the domino effect (see my blog post 'Digital domino effect') may help our markets here in India.

We really live in an, ever so increasing, interconnected world.

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