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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Digitally reducing entropy: a recipes site

Entropy, or the increase of disorder with time is generally what we witness in most things. Unless an effort is made to reduce it.

In the process of making a recipes website something of a reversal of entropy seems to be happening. The picture below is of new and old recipe sources which were available with us.

 Two recipe notebooks, some sheets with hand written recipes, a newer recipe book, two very old ones and a smartphone showing numerous online recipes. 

Almost all the recipes in the notebooks and the handwritten sheets are used. They are after all a collection of recipes created over time. Recorded in hand as they are needed readily. 

Only a few out of the dozens of recipes in the recipe books are bookmarked and used.

On the internet a few out of thousands of recipes are used.

However, over time many are lost. The disorder increases.

Making a website where all the different sources of recipes are placed in collections reverses this process of losing the recipes.

For example all the different recipes we had are now available in a neat and searchable form in this new web site we have made Recipe Binder Online. Saving what was being lost.

Digitization reduces entropy.

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