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Friday, 24 May 2019

Freelancing portals and the evolving work market

The very nature of work is changing at a pace never ever seen before. New jobs are appearing and old jobs are disappearing.

News about laying off of employees, even in the relatively new jobs, keeps popping up ever so often. The reason often being that the company is reinventing itself and some people have become redundant. This is troubling even to a bystander,

Ones heart goes out to the people being laid off, even though they are complete strangers. In this rather grim situation Freelancing provides a silver lining.

In 2001 the top 5 companies by market cap had only one tech company Microsoft. In 2016 all of the top 5 companies were tech companies Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. (reference:

So employment opportunists have shifted towards tech companies.

Getting a job in these companies requires a new set of skills. Even so the skill sets keep morphing as new technologies come up and one has to keep abreast.

These and other new tech companies have ensured that the world is interconnected as never before.

All this has made it possible for certain services to be delivered over the Internet.

Freelancing, therefore,  has grown by leaps and bounds.

Freelancing portals are typically specific skill based and rely on mutual rating system of employers and employees. There is an evenness of opportunity. The portals are therefore inherently just.

What is more if you have a suitable skill you can get an employer from almost anywhere on the globe.

Freelancers typically have to keep changing their skill to meet the actual real world need. This incremental learning keeps their skills in sync with the market. Which is a boon.

Physical delivery of such services are limited by geographical and logistical constraints. Not so for digital delivery.

This is a new and free way of working. Co-working places have now come up which allow you to carry out such work in an office environment at a nominal cost.

Freelancing portals are indeed a reflection of the evolving nature of work and can be a source of regular income.

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  1. Hopefully these new opportunities mean a more equal world !!