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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Are small electric cars viable in the Indian market?

Typically in the Indian car market a car costing in the region of Rs 6 lakhs (USD 8700) is what people will be tempted to buy. However the smallest electric vehicle in the Indian market is priced more than that.

The entry level small cars in India start at Rs 3 to 4 lakhs. This is the most attractive price range for entry level buyers in India. No electric car is available in this price range.

Couple this issue of price with that of range of electric cars and also with the paucity of charging stations and we can see why we are not seeing more electric cars on Indian roads. While we may get high end electric cars soon. But these will be small in numbers. So to really make a difference competitively priced small electric cars have to be made.

For this to happen batteries for electric cars have to become much cheaper and charging infrastructure has to be created.

The maintenance cost of electric cars will be less than that of internal combustion engine cars simply for the reason that electric cars have much fewer parts than internal combustion engine cars.

Indian customer will not mind some inconvenience when it come to refueling or recharging an electric car. This is evident from the longer but patient car queues we see on compressed natural gas stations as compared to normal gas stations.

So an electric car which is priced competitively and which has low running cost as compared to gasoline cars will be a winner on Indian roads.

This may happen sooner than later.

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