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Monday, 12 August 2019

First signs of more electric vehicles on roads in India

I have a hobby of looking out for electric vehicles.

In the last week I spotted two electric vehicle taxis!

I know, one swallow does not a summer make.

But this, seeing more electric vehicle taxis, is in my view is a big thing.

Why so?

A taxi driver will use an electric vehicle only if it gives him a decent income and is most importantly cheap to run and maintain.

Well there is good news here. The per km cost, purely on fuel or electricity cost, will cost five times more per km for an internal combustion engine vehicle as compared to an electric vehicle.

This is huge. Just this one thing can be a game changer.

In my view if an electric vehicle taxi can be bought for about Rs 6 to 8 lakhs, and if an exchange scheme or repurchase scheme is put into place say after 5 to 7 years of use, the number of electric vehicle taxis will multiply.

You have to just look at the quick rate at which the numbers of e-rickshaws have gone up.

Which shows charging time is not an issue.

So watch out for more electric vehicle taxis.

They may be the first signs of the future of cars on Indian roads.

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