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Friday, 2 August 2019

More charging stations and cheaper electric cars: a virtuous loop

There are two fascinating news items.

The first is that Tata Motors has reduced the price of its Tigor EV by Rs 80000.

The second is that Tata Motors aims to install hundreds of charging stations across India.

The reduction in price of electric cars is a result of reduction in GST to 5%. This benefit has been passed on to the consumer.

The drive to create more charging stations is encouraging for present and future electric car user.

This charging stations will come up in a variety of locations where Tata companies have facilities. These are like auto dealers, stores and other Tata outlets.

The ease of availability of electricity everywhere, as opposed to the logistics needed for transporting and storing fuel is a clear winner.

If electric cars become more popular then more charging stations in a diverse locations may become common place.

Cheaper electric cars leading to more charging stations leading to more electric cars leading back to cheaper electric cars as economies of scale kick in.

This is a virtuous loop which is likely to strengthen.

It is interesting to watch this change to different roads and a different automotive world.

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