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Friday, 30 August 2019

The joy of design

"I enjoy my work and design like I paint" said my daughter Amrita. She added "Just like when I paint I seem to know where every leaf should go. Just like in a symphony where every note knows where to go. So it is in my architecture design".

She then said thoughtfully "it all comes together when every bit is exactly where it should be".

Amrita, an architect, runs her own firm Archam Design in Gurgaon, India.

Today, is her birthday, and we gifted her this book 'Peter Zumthor Atmospheres'.

These thoughts about her work, flowed from the experience of her holding this admired book which she asked us to gift her!

Just yesterday she completed her office. The first design of hers which is fully realized in the real world.

The process of this design being made on a computer and then coming about in a actual form was fascinating to watch.
At one point when we were discussing one of her drawings she said to me "A drawing never lies, what is beautiful in a drawing is beautiful in real life". Now that her office interior is ready it becomes clear to me what she meant. It is true.

The step from the drawing board, which is poetic, to the pragmatic real world, which is based on available skills and materials is a tenuous link. The connect has to be nurtured to get the best results. Every design does not therefore come out the way it was thought.

It depends a lot on the skills of the people who build based on the design.

For example, a skilled worker in India learns his trade as an apprentice. He may not have formal training. But he knows how to use technology. And he is a fast learner.

Here are a few instances which we came across in our recent experience.

The carpenters were very comfortable in using pdf drawings for their work. The electrician pulled up an online video to see the process for fitting a complex electrical fitting. Messaging with the team were through a messaging app. Photographs of the work were shared between us online.

So aesthetics of design and actual work on ground came together through technology to produce a beautiful interior space. This is a joy of design.

The photo below is from this space.

Interiors by Archam Design

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  1. Creative processes are labour of love and also skill! What's better than to have as your profession what you really enjoy!!