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Friday, 9 August 2019

We live in a world of apps

My father used to say "technology is neutral". The technology which makes the apps on our smartphones and our computers is neutral. It can be used for good or otherwise.

In my blog posts I focus on the uplifting changes brought about by technology.

Today, as never before a very large part of humanity is creating or using apps or even working for them!

The other day, when traveling back home, late in the evening I got talking to the driver of an app based cab. It turned out his home was not far from where we were going. "I am wondering whether I should sign off for the day after dropping you" he said.

He wanted to work more but was not sure where app will send him next, and he would have to drive back home all the way if it happened to be at the other end of the city.

In a way he was working for the app!

So he had to either go where the app sent him or sign off for the day.

I felt he was happy for the work the app gave him but also vary on how it will interact with him.

A little different from working for another human.

On the other hand the mutual rating system of apps make the work environment fair. For example in a taxi app, the customer gets to rate the driver and the driver gets to rate the customer.

So there is a degree of fairness. Human biases are reduced.

Freelance apps have brought down the old barriers for finding work. Individual to individual work is possible and is thriving. The mutual rating system works well here as well.

Being able to interact with an app has become a major mode of finding and doing work.

We indeed live and work in a world of apps.

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  1. Very interesting! As if we are gradually moving towards matrix!

  2. We are not moving towards the Matrix...we are in the Matrix!