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Friday, 12 January 2018

Changing greetings: how technology is making us change the way we send greetings.

Beautiful greeting cards delivered by the postman. This is how we would receive our seasons greetings. A hand written messages, some of them in neat and flowing writing, would add its own flavor to the cards.

An urgent greeting would be sent by telegram, not very often though, as this mode of communication would not always carry good news.

When greetings were received by post; the opening of the envelope, the feel of the paper, the reading of the message took some time, and give some lingering joy. The replies would also be given through special thank you cards or through greeting cards. The messages we wrote were deliberate. They were hand written. A dictionary or thesaurus being referred to ,at times, to ensure correct expressions and correct spellings.

This is an experience which is now replaced by instant greetings. Delivered in your messaging inbox in an instant (see my blog post 'Private but public'). Replied also in an instant. The reply usually being a 'cut and paste' reply or an 'image forward'. Automatic spell checks and automated word selection suggestions making it still easier.

While earlier we would wait for replies to reach us by post in some time. Now we check our smartphones, moment to moment, to see the status of both our messages and our replies.

The leisurely pace of greetings has been replaced by instant greeting and instant gratification.

Technology has for ever changed the way we send and receive greetings.

From slow and leisurely to super-fast and instant.


  1. Indeed! Such is the way of the world.

  2. Greetings are only as warm as the sender's heart, be it online or offline. People think more exchange of greetings will mean, more gratification, and hence the numerous number of messages here and there. But, they forget gratification lies in warm feelings being received and sent across.

    But yes, a card still meant that somebody put in the effort to buy it, write your name and send it to you which is why they always felt nice to receive. That is why, the most important people in my life still receive a card.

    This post reminds me of some of my most cherished cards received till date, even their fragrance. Thanks for making me relive those moments!

    1. Thanks for embellishing the post with your insight and your story.


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