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Sunday, 14 January 2018

A way to learn: how technology is helping us learn.

I always wanted to learn to type. We had a nice typewriter at home. A portable one. These were the days before the arrival of the personal computer. Learning how to type required following a printed typing tutoring sheet. Typing out the letters repeatedly would usually lead to mastering this skill. I could however never learn to type in this manner. The mechanical typewriter was, it seems, just not my cup of tea. Not withstanding this, I still wanted to learn to type. So it remained a lingering desire to be taken care of at some later time.

Then came along the personal computer. (See my blog post 'The beginning of a lifelong friendship with my computer'). This changed everything. The personal computer came with a typing tutor. Follow the alphabet on the screen and typing on the keyboard made learning to type more like a game. A skill learning game. I had given up learning on the mechanical typewriter and now I found myself being able to type within a span of a week. Not very fast, but to slowly touch type without looking at the keys. Technology empowered me. Being able to type myself was really useful and remains so till date. Now it is hardwired and fingers type without thinking. To be able to think and type straight onto the screen is a sort of creative flow from the mind to the document through your fingers. I recommend it strongly if you have yet to experience this flow. It is an option to writing on paper.

Recently I decided to learn how to play the piano. I remembered how the personal computer and the typing tutor software had allowed me to learn to type all those years back. So I started looking around for a suitable software. To my delight I found apps available which once downloaded would listen to the notes being played on the piano keyboard and record them as correct or wrong. So my learning with help of technology started once again. The numerous videos available online also helped me in learning. This is the new way of learning. And it is wonderful.

Though unlike typing where we have the backspace button to correct our miss types, a mistake while playing the piano is there for everyone to hear!

Now we have new way to learn. It has been around for a time. It is a new freedom. A new freedom through technology.

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  1. Very right! Almost anything and everything is available on the net if one wants to learn.


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