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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Smartphones and exponential use of time

 One of the members of a small group of a messaging service receives a nice video. A video really worth sharing. It is just a short five minute video. Press of a button it is shared with the other four members of the group. The other group members also have similar interesting videos to share. So all of them also share just one video each.

It is a lovely day. Nature is blooming all around. Birds are chirping and scampering from tree to tree. Flowers are blooming. The leaves of trees are shimmering in a light breeze. All of this is just there outside the window. The sky is having drifting ever changing clouds against a beautiful indigo color.

But all this must wait as there are just four videos which are really interesting and specially selected and sent by the special group members. So twenty minutes of looking down at the smartphone is needed. There is a little feeling of discomfort in the neck, looking down at the smartphone. This discomfort is brushed aside.

Each video must be watched and some must be responded to. So half an hour of the day is used up. Not much one may say. But it adds up. Some times in groups we have members who send many more videos and images and text forwards.

One faces a dilemma every time the inbox is opened. If you watch everything there is no time for going out and watching beautiful nature. If you are selective in responding some one may get upset. So it becomes a compulsion of sorts.

This is what many of us face every day.

One way out is scan the messages and clear all, specially the videos. Spend more time pursuing hobbies instead. Or may be go for a walk.

Is it possible to escape this dilemma somehow?

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